Red Honey

“A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, Red Honey is led by fiery front woman Erika Jane, who has been making a name for herself across the Southeast as a bold and bluesy torch singer,” writes Prisha Hertzler of Charleston’s Holy City Sinner.

From the rolling mountains of Western North Carolina, Red Honey brings their unmatched brand of rockin’ surfabilly to the stage, melting hearts and flushing cheeks in their wake. Dubbed the secret love child of Johnny Cash and Grace Slick, the band’s unique sound draws clear influences from ‘60s psychedelia, surf rock, classic country, and blues.  They've had the honor of sharing a bill with music legends including: Wanda Jackson, Jim Lauderdale, Mariachi El Bronx, Dex Romweber,  Greg Garing, Grace Potter, The Hardworking Americans and many more. This is a band to look out for. 

Alli Marshall, of Asheville’s Mountain Xpress, writes:

“The percussion explodes, full-kit, as guitars warble spacily and front woman Erika Jane’s voice accelerates into something of a howl. … The song builds slow and mean, either a threat or a promise. Either way, it portends a wild ride.”

The heart-pumping thrill of the live Red Honey experience is like nothing else, with lead singer Erika Jane crooning into the microphone between strikes of a cymbal with her trusty bullwhip. “A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, Red Honey is led by fiery front woman Erika Jane, who has been making a name for herself across the Southeast as a bold and bluesy torch singer,” writes Prisha Hertzler of Charleston’s Holy City Sinner.

The band’s first album and instant cult classic, Red Honey and the Pleasure Chest, launched to incredible accolades, and was sent back to the presses for a second printing within months of its CD release. Keep an eye out here for the forthcoming digital release of the album, and be sure to check out upcoming show dates!

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A reformed vintage black market Cadillac dealer, Erika Jane would use the power of her vocals to flip cars and set buildings on fire to beat the law. She got her nickname, Red Honey because she always called the blood of her opponents, Red Honey. Running from the "Blue" grew tiresome.  She realized it was time to use her power for good instead of evil. She picked up a guitar and began to rock.  Through studies of ancient alchemy and magic, she harnessed the skills of fighting her spiritual battles through musical release.  She continues this practice today.



I like to play music. I like to make pictures with pigments. I like to eat food and drink craft root beer. I am not afraid of failure. I am afraid of failing because I didn't give the best me. I always wear my right sock inside out. I think facebook is a government tool. I am still unsure if Wesley Willis was a genius. I dont have any tattoos. Too permanent.  I am an ephemeral introvert. I can cook, but hate it. I hated mowing the grass as a kid. I love mowing the grass as an adult (loosely used). I think Bill Monroe kind of invented Rock and Roll. The music, not the term. I like to sniff famous works of art. I am tall and skinny and if you dont believe me, then, well. I have never been further west than Colorado. I almost got locked up at the El Paso border crossing. Not for drugs. I bought an $80 napkin on Bourbon Street. Also not for drugs. I lost 18 hands in a row playing Blackjack. I am from Asheville, North Carolina. Always will be. I have peed in the same toilet as Bob Dylan. I think International Klein Blue is the best color. I think steak is boring. By itself. I am sure Shel Silverstein was a genius. I love playing Red Honey music. 

sam steele:

Born in Clearwater Florida, where its hotter’n a $3 pistol, Sam Steele emerged from the womb pissed off with a chip on his shoulder, and a healthy disrespect for authority..after 13 years on the Gulf Coast, he moved to the hamlet of Asheville, NC. Married, one child, that didn’t work out, so he married a grown woman. After adjusting to the culture shock brought upon by moving to the mountains from the hedonistic retirement villa he’d called home, Sam ingratiated himself to the locals by developing a hankering for Cheerwine, pulled pork, and Doc Watson. High school came and went like the lifespan of a mayfly, and ever the fan of book learning, Sam attended the local tech school, and after discovering animal husbandry wasn’t his cup of tea, he took a extended hiatus, which remains in effect to this day. He is now a 18th year sophomore. Next up was the drinking chapter of the novella, and it was approached with gusto. They say you gotta live what you love, and life was lived. After exhausting the imbimbing, the 20s were over in a blur of powders, pills, bottles, and exotic dancers. Now that over 10 years have gone by without a drink, it freed Sam up to pursue his ambitions of playing music. After procuring a bass guitar for a friend whose wife wouldn’t allow him to get one, he kept the bass and enjoyed making those booming tones. He played in the critically lauded Vic Crown before meeting Red Honey at a used Cadillac black market auction. They started running together sticking up craps games and hustling 3 card monte outside the Biltmore Estate before deciding that playing music was a preferable way to make a meager living. This continues as we speak. He will be survived by his kitty, Maximum Destruction, and a lot of people who’ll be pissed at having to sort out his hoarding problem.




Photographer : Stewart O'Shields

JUST RELEASED!!!  red honey's new video, blackbird.  

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